2021 Smithsonian Employee Perspective Survey (SEPS) Summary

Monday, February 28, 2022
Description or Abstract: 

The 2021 Smithsonian Employee Perspective Survey (SEPS) was sent to 6,100 employees. Of them, 3,472 answered at least 25 percent of the core questions for a cooperation rate of 57 percent. These responses were weighted to ensure survey results accurately represent the survey population.

In this report, SEPS questions are organized into 15 themes related to employee working experiences and conditions: (1) Job Satisfaction; (2) Unit Satisfaction; (3) Institutional Satisfaction; (4) Leadership; (5) Unit Communication and Collaboration; (6) Institutional Communication and Collaboration; (7) Employee Accommodation; (8) Resources; (9) Employee Recognition; (10) Organizational Nimbleness and Innovation; (11) Diversity; (12) Civility; (13) Career Growth; (14) Harassment- Free Workplace; and (15) Telework.