Reopening Survey 2020: Quantitative Results

Friday, September 4, 2020
Description or Abstract: 

This report presents the quantitative findings from the June 2020 Smithsonian Reopening all-staff survey, administered by Smithsonian Organization and Audience Research (SOAR). The survey focused on two broad areas: 

  • Whether efforts to adjust operations to address the risks of the Coronavirus pandemic have been successful, and how they might be improved going forward.
  • What staff see as they look to the future. How should the Smithsonian approach reopening? In the longer term, how will the New Normal differ from what preceded it?

An effort was made to distribute the survey invitation to all current Smithsonian staff, and the response rate was high. A total of 6220 staff were invited to participate, and 4485 responses were received, for a response rate of 72%. The findings can be considered a good representation of the opinions, perceptions, and priorities of Smithsonian staff.