Photo of Kelly Richmond

Project Researcher
(202) 633-0289

Kelly Richmond officially joined SOAR in 2015; however, she had previously worked with the group as a volunteer and contractor for several years.  Kelly works on a variety of projects that contain both quantitative and qualitative components.  Her project responsibilities include developing survey and interview instruments, data collection, contractor coordination, and data analysis.  Additionally, Kelly actively attempts to coordinate learning opportunities for the office’s staff.  Kelly began her career working in marketing, and subsequently worked with a variety of non-profits and as an elementary school teacher.  Kelly double majored in history and art history for her Bachelor’s degree; she also has a Master’s in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master’s in Elementary Education from the George Washington University. 

Areas of Special Expertise:

  • Visitor Engagement
  • Technology 
  • Cultural Diversity and Outreach 
  • Marketing 
  • Museum Learning